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‘‘Tafaccur’’ University is a private non –profit  higher education institution legally registered in the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic on September 11 1995 holding the certficate issued by the Ministry of Justice and license, certification and accreditation of the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic.
The University is a member of International Association of Universities (IAU)  of UNESCO and Association of  Private Universities of Azerbaijan. In 2000 ‘‘Tafaccur’’ become the winner of grant “TENPUS” for teaching ecology and scientific research work on this field.

Students receive training in two departments:

  • 1.Philology and Biology
  • 2.Economics and Transport

There are 7 academic departments  in the University:

  • 1.Economics
  • 2.Biology and Natural Sciences
  • 3.Philology
  • 4. Foreign languages and  methods of their teaching
  • 5.Transport and Applied Mechanics
  • 6.Mathematics and Informatics
  • 7.Physical education and Sports


Academic teaching staff of the University consists of eminent scientists with wide experience in theoretical and practical work. Among them there are 11 Doctors of Sciences and Professors, 42 Associate Professors and Candidates of Sciences.
The University Science Council has been formed.
The University has its own edition- scientific journal “Tafaccur”.
“Tafaccur” University signed contracts on university exchange programmes with leading universities of the world: University of California (USA), Istanbul Techinal University (Turkey), Technical University of Berlin (Germany),Technical University of BRNO (Czech Republic) , Baltic Russian Institute (Latvia) and other universities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Tatarstan and Georgia.
The main aim of the university is to create the favourable good conditions of education for the students in accordance with the world experience and progress of students’ academical relations. The university produces high quality bachelors and masters.
The education in the university is carried out  in 9 specialties:

  • 1.Finance
  • 2.Global economics
  • 3. Accounting and Audit
  • 4. Land Vehicles Engineering
  • 5. Transportation Arrangement and Transport management
  • 6. Foreign language ( English ) teacher
  • 7. Azerbaijan Language and Literature Teacher
  • 8. Primary School Teacher
  • 9. Biology Teacher

Students have at their disposal all-equipped laboratories for  all subjects ( chemistry, physics, biology, motor transport, etc.) computer hall equipped with state-of-the-art computers, language labs,typography, e-library comprising of dozens of thousands of books, magazines, journals, and other printed publications, reading halls, etc. The university also has the television network,fax and e-mail.
The education process in the university is carried out in full compliance  with international standarts. The university moved into credit system in education. University specialists conduct the constant work to improve the existing education programmes (according to state education standarts), as well as  to work out and introduce the modern methods of teaching applying the best practices of other universities of Azerbaijan and leading higher educational
Institutions of Europe, Turkey and Russia.
Alongside with educational process great attention is paid to scientific research works. Most of scientific summaries obtained by scientists and students of the university, have been already applied in the teaching process of the university.
Practical conferences in various fields of science are conducted in the University on an annual basis for the purpose of exchange of ideas and discussion of new scientific results. Tafaccur maintains strong ties with many foreign scientific centres. As a result the University took part as a host of the whole range of international scientific conferences.
At present the University maintains the productive corporation with key universities of Europe, USA, CIS, Turkey, North Ciprus.
Dozens of mutually benefical contracts have been concluded  including the agreements on broadening of the science and education coorporation , study and application of advanced methods of education, to create joint education centres, participation in international projects and programmes for  sharing experience of teachers and students, etc.
Key objective of the University in creation of favourable conditions for education of students in accordance with international practices and development of their academic relations. Tafaccur trains highly-qualified bachelors and masters.
We produce not only professionals : economists, teachers, vehicle experts etc. But specialists speaking at least two foreign languages that is any employer’s strong reqiurement .
‘‘Tafaccur’’ confidently  goes up to the new heights of the industrial and scientific revolutions keeping the best traditions of higher education. The University is always renewed holding its all responsibilities and main aim – TO PREPARE AND PRODUCE HIGH QUALITY SPECIALISTS BEING CAPABLE TO SUBMIT THEIR ABILITIES IN ECONO-POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT OF SOVEREIGN AZERBAIJAN.


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